About me

Hello and welcome to My Work-Life Stories.

The idea behind this website is to write about my experiences, private and professional, to practice real storytelling without any jargon, buzzwords or acronyms. 

I used the term work-life in the title because I like to integrate the two, bringing my whole self to work and my whole self to my home.

Please allow me to begin by sharing 3 aspects of my life with you.

1) My writing

I think if you write, then you can call yourself a writer, right?

Yet I don’t feel comfortable giving myself this title.  This is my second blog, third if you include my company’s enterprise social network site. I have two books in progress, although they are currently on hold whilst I focus other priorities.

Writing is something I enjoy, something creative and fun.

I can’t claim any big successes, but I’ve had some encouraging feedback from my blogs, including being promoted on the front page of our local paper, receiving an offer to write in a magazine and some lovely comments on my posts.

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The home page of my first blog

2) My career

I have worked for the Deutsche Telekom group for 18 years, with 9 years in the UK, 9 years in Germany, employed by 4 different subsidiaries plus the group headquarters.  And I love it.

Before that, I was with Parcelforce Worldwide for about 8 years. I loved it there too, until I was ready to leave.

And before that, I was with Wyre Forest District Council for about 10 years. I am not sure if I was ever ready to leave this lovely little job, but I knew I’d learnt all I could learn and I needed to experience more in order to grow into the person I wanted to become.

Apart from these companies, I’ve had several part-time jobs, helped my parents with their various business ventures and worked with many suppliers, customers and strategic partners.

3) My home town

From Birmingham to Bonn, I always seem to be in search of something new.

I dreamt of living up north, and eventually moved south. I wanted to live in France, and moved to Germany. My family moved back to the UK, where I thought I would follow.

Now it’s more likely to be the other way around, as Bonn is where we feel most at home.

Whilst this might all sound rather hodgepodge, chaotic or unplanned, actually what we have done is followed our dreams and adjusted our course in response to the unpredictable complexities of modern-day life.

We allowed things to emerge and went where the opportunities took us, rather than waiting around for something that was a precise fit with our goals.

And I like to think that this attitude is a good one for the digital age, where it is more difficult to predict exactly what life or work will be like in the future. I am quite happy to venture forward, driven by curiosity, creativity and courage, with the certain knowledge that I cannot know how it will all develop, ready to take my chances, excited by the possibilities this uncertainty will bring. Nothing is set in stone, everything is up for grabs!

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